Cup Registration

Eligibility. The Cup is open to any team from a recognized WYSL club or a team based in Westchester, Rockland, Bronx, New York (Manhattan), western Fairfield CT (Norwalk and west), and such other teams within 30 miles of White Plains as approved by the WYSL.


Clubs may form Cup teams with players from more than one travel team in their club.


Process. To register, a team must submit a US Club roster including 1) a minimum number of players equal to the on-field player number for that age group. (The player roster can be modified up to the Friday before the first game of the Cup competition.) For a fee the WYSL will make US Club passes. For players needing a new pass, the application must include, for each player, a picture, birth certificate or other proof of age acceptable to the League Registrar (if new to the WYSL).  2) a head coach with a currently effective registration through US Club Soccer (including US Club Soccer’s risk management and injury/concussion management requirements) OR the information on a coach who will apply for a US Club pass and risk management and the fee for a US Club card.  3) full payment of the Cup registration fee which is non-refundable if the team is accepted into a Cup Group.


The oldest player on a team determines the age group for the team. To create viable divisions and groups, the Cup may not accept all teams that register.


The League will charge a fee for each player or coach pass issued to replace a lost, stolen, or destroyed card.


Deadline and Fees. The deadline for team registration with a preliminary roster (players and team officials) U11-14 is July 15, 2017.  Fee: U11, 12: $275; U13+: $300. Registration deadline for U15-19 is January 15, 2018.


Limitations. The maximum roster is 26 players. A player may be listed on only one Cup roster for the Cup season. Players on a Cup team roster must have cards from the same club but may be from different teams in that club. No team may register a player for a Cup team until and unless the player is on the team.


Youth players who are also professionals are not eligible for Cup teams.


Frozen. Cup team player rosters will be frozen on the Friday prior to the first group match until the end of the competition (until June 30, 2018). Players may not change Cup teams nor change clubs during the Cup season.  No player roster changes or additions may be made during the competition. The listed coach(es) can be changed.


Illegal Players. A player registration form from a WYSL club containing a false signature or false statement or playing an ineligible player will subject the WYSL club and the individuals involved to disciplinary action by the Cup and the League. A false statement or false signature or playing an ineligible player by a non-WYSL club will be disciplined by the Cup.




Requirements. A coach must have a valid US Club coach pass from the club of the team s/he is coaching. All coaches and other staff are required to register with US Club Soccer pursuant to Rules 105 and 106 of the US Club Soccer Player Rules and they shall, as part of that registration process, complete a risk management application, accessed online via the US Club Soccer website. Failure to complete or falsification of the application can result in immediate disqualification or suspension of the coach and possible discipline of the team.


Limitations. A coach may have more than one team from a single club with a pass from that club or may have teams and coach passes from more than one club.


At least one and no more than three coaches must be in the team area for the duration of any game.


Behavior and Discipline. Coaches are to instruct and encourage their players in a sporting manner. They may not use electronic or mechanical devices. No coach or assistant coach may use profanity or in any manner incite disruptive behavior. Coaches are expected to control the behavior of their team and of their fans.


If a coach receives three (3) yellow cards during a season, that coach shall serve at least a one game suspension. The Cup, at its discretion, may extend the length of the suspension and determine any other punishments, fines, and/or assessments.


If a coach receives a red card, the coach shall leave the area of the match and shall serve at least a one game suspension. The Cup, at its discretion, may extend the length of the suspension and may determine any other punishments, actions, fines, and/or assessments including a required appearance before a Cup committee.


A coach who has been placed on suspension is not permitted to participate in any manner whatsoever in any match or match-related activities in the competition during the suspension and is not permitted to be present at the site of a match or areas immediately adjacent.




Eligibility. Eligibility is open to all youth players (other than professionals) age 19 or younger Each player must have a valid, current US Club Soccer pass. Players are permitted to play on any age appropriate team from their own club but may be on only one Cup roster in the Cup year.


Discipline. If a player receives three (3) yellow cards during a season, that player shall serve a one game suspension.


If a player receives a red card, the player shall leave the game and not be replaced and shall serve a one or more game suspension at the discretion of the Cup.


A player who has been suspended is not permitted to dress for any Cup match during the period of his/her suspension but may attend and sit with the team on the sidelines (out of uniform).

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