Saturday Cup Games. To enter to play in the WYSL, cup teams must be available on the published, scheduled Cup Saturdays when teams are expected to play their Cup matches. Teams not available on the defined weekend(s) of play will be removed from the competition. On request, the Cup may allow a game to be played on another day agreed to by both teams on or before the next Saturday.


Home Team Scheduling. The home team should consult with the visiting team about the field and time but, in general, the home team will determine when on Saturday the game will play.  Games may not be scheduled to start before 9 am, nor later than 5:30 pm except with the agreement of both teams.  The teams may agree to play at the away field or on some other day of the week with Cup permission. The date, time, and field for all Cup games must be set at least two weeks before the start of the regular league season in which they occur.


Un-played Games. Games not completed within an 8 day game window beginning on a Cup Saturday to the next Saturday (except for weather or other unforeseen circumstances) will be ruled forfeits or double forfeits.


Field Pulls – Rescheduling. If a field is pulled, the teams and the Cup will coordinate to reschedule the game. In some circumstances, the Cup may change the designated home team.


When the teams cannot agree on a date to re-schedule a game, the Cup will review the facts and make a determination as to re-scheduling, forfeiting or canceling.

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