FIFA rules. FIFA rules for uniforms apply for jerseys, player numbers, shin guards, and goalie jersey colors.


Coordinating Uniform Colors. The two coaches must consult in the week prior to the game on uniform colors. While both teams must be prepared to change jersey color at the match, if there is a conflict and if necessary, the home team will be required to change.


Other Items. As per the Laws, anything worn by the players must be safe to the player and the opponents. No jewelry may be worn nor any hair control devices with hard parts. A player wearing non-permitted items shall not be allowed to enter the game and will be removed if discovered playing with non-permitted items.


Subject to the authority of the referee to determine the safety to the player and to others and to the referee’s authority to require padding or modification, a player may wear:  a soft splint or a soft cast, a brace, joint or prosthetic device, eye glasses, soft foam headgear for goalkeeper, full 90 type headgear for players.


In cold weather, players are permitted to wear additional clothing under their team uniform so long as it is not dangerous to the player or others and is not confusing (as to colors).


If an article of team equipment has sponsorship logos, the article must be approved by the Cup.

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